River House



200 m²

Under Construction

The new two-storey residence was designed on a plot near the Meilichos river, a stream in Achaia whose headwater comes from the northwestern part of the Panachaiko mountain and flows into the Gulf of Patras in the Agyia area of Patras.

A point of reference was the exploitation of the view towards the river and the unique rushy nature that exists along it. The goal was to create a spatial condition that would isolate the resident from the public character of the neighborhood and direct him to the uniqueness of the landscape and the tranquility it offers.

As a result, we created a two-storey spatial condition facing southwest towards the Meilichos river, taking advantage of both the orientation and the view. Therefore, all the transparency of the building created through the openings is on its south-west face, while the north-east face, which is visible from the street, get shaped as “blind”. In this way, the residence turns towards the landscape and its garden in the southwest part, while at the same time a boundary is created towards the public street, which cuts off visual escapes and views from and to the interior of the building.

The main feature of the building is the materiality of the stone used on the ground floor level. The choice of the specific natural stone was made as the goal was to harmonize and integrate the building with the distinctive natural landscape.