Panorama Residence



300 m²


Taking on the project at the cementation stage, we were asked to redesign it both internally and externally, based on the qualities offered by the location, the orientation, the morphology formed by the existent structure as well as based on the needs of the residents. Therefore, the building was completed around the following reference points: the panoramic landscape, the full exploitation of the view and the lighting, the optimal circulation inside and outside the building, as well as the shaping of the surrounding space, with particular emphasis on the latter.

The residence is structured on three levels in which all its spaces and functions are integrated. The core of the residence is the middle level,where all the daytime and overnight functions are taking place. The exploitation of the panoramic view towards the gulf of Patras, the mountain range of Panachaiko and the garden which is the dominant element of the redesign, is achieved both through the geometry that creates a torsion of the building volume, as well as through the transparency that characterizes the building.

The garden

The garden of the residence was designed according to the principles of biophilia and is dedicated to the pleasure of strolling around. Following the architectural resolution, the linear plantings of the entrance are gradually organized into free flows as they run through the different levels of the estate. In the perimeter zone of the property, a rich palette of large native bushes creates the natural visual transition to the extensive traditional olive groves that surround it. A network of paths leads us to two large grassy clearings, activity and recreation areas, surrounded by arrangements of flowering and aromatic Mediterranean plants that create a diverse, sustainable landscape of aesthetic botanical interest throughout the year.


Photography: Mariana Bisti