Sidirokastrou House



280 m²


The project concerns the design of a multi-level house in the suburb of Anthoupoli, east of Patras. The narrow plot and the view offered to its west constitute the principal axis of the composition.

The concept idea concerns the design of two morphologically different volumes, vertically arranged, one on top of the other. A particular intensity is given to the upper one, achieved through a difference in size and through its projections from the lower one, as well as through difference in materiality. As a result, the passers-by perceive the upper volume as a dynamic spatial condition. In this way, exploitation of a larger area is achieved ,while avoiding the reduction of the size of uncovered space.

Spaces of the upper level worth mentioning are the semi-outdoor spaces on three sides of the plot, as well as the sloping walls that create a sense of extroversion and visual freedom for the resident while enabling the necessary privacy from the neighbouring buildings.

The residence spaces are structured on three levels. The auxiliary storage areas are located in the basement, and the ground floor functionally responds to the daytime areas, laid out in a free floor plan, in continuity with the natural landscape. The overnight areas and the office area are located on the upper level, taking advantage of the privacy and the view in front of the west side of the building towards the gulf of Patras.

Photographer: Mariana Bisti