The Shelter


Kato Kastritsi

250 m²

Under Construction

The design proposal concerns a ground floor private house with a basement in Kato Kastritsi, Achaia.Linearity is the key element that characterizes all the floors and elements of the composition. The main idea is based on a linear element, which functions as a “rift”, which runs and intersects the plot vertically, cutting it in two parts, orienting the composition to the view of the gulf of Patras. This element is the shelter in which all the spaces of the house are organized. The linearity of the shelter is reflected in the flow of movement and consequently in the structure of the spaces of the house. Moreover, the shelter itself creates all the indoor and semi-utdoor spaces of the house. Through the linear layout of the design, the view of the landscape is achieved from all the interior spaces, as well as from all the outdoor spaces. The difference of materiality of the shell and the space that encloses signals the different function of these elements and differentiates the living space.