Solomou House



125 m²

Under Construction

The object of the present study was the design of a detached house in the Suburb of Patras. The reference point was the introverted site of the house, which was surrounded by adjacent buildings.

The central axis of the composition was the creation of a spatial condition, which will transform the bipolar concepts “inside” and “outside” into a new spatial condition which will be a “hybrid” of both, giving the inhabitants the feeling of freedom on a site “closed” around. This was achieved through the permeability and extroversion of the lower level of the building, whose boundaries between interior and exterior now seem blurred, with the latter being an extension of the former and vice versa.

The spaces of the house are structured in two levels, whose functions follow the central axis of design. The living spaces were placed at the lowest level, which through its composition gives freedom of movement and visual escapes, while at the highest level the overnight spaces were placed. The location and size of the openings at this level create a strict boundary to the side of the road, as well as the necessary privacy and isolation of residents.