In-Between Apartments


Marina, Patras

325 m²

Under Construction

The synthetic proposal concerns the design of an apartment building in the area of ​​Marina, in Patras. The reference point for the creation of the building was the view around the site as well as its orientation.

The central idea is based on the creation of zones of privacy. The inner zone is the core, and offers maximum privacy. The outer zone refers to the common area of the site and is the most public zone within it. Finally, the middle zone concerns the space that can offer the necessary privacy and at the same time is the point of relaxation of the inhabitants, the intermediate space between the “inside” and the “outside”.

These zones were translated into the architectural elements that compose the proposal. The core is the center of both the building and the site, which is structured vertically and includes the space inside the building-the apartments, the staircase and the auxiliary spaces of the building. Furthermore,it is surrounded by a shell which acts as a filter and creates an intermediate zone, between the “inside” of the core and the “outside” of the surroundings. This zone concerns the semi-outdoor spaces of the building ,which function as places of relaxation for the inhabitants. A characteristic element of the shell are the panels that structure it ,which filter the views around the perimeter and create diversity on the building