House of Voids


Palaiopanagia, Nafpaktos

350 m²

Under Construction

The design proposal concerns a two-level house in the settlement “Paleopanagia” of Nafpaktos. Characteristic of the plot was the southern orientation as well as the view to the sea, elements that the design aimed to take advantage of .

The synthetic idea is based on the decomposition of a solid volume, through the process of which solid prisms are removed from it from the southwest side, finally creating a new volume with diversity in this side. Through the removal of these compact prisms, gaps have been created, which create outdoor semi-outdoor spaces on the ground floor, as well as openings that enhance the view to the sea and the south orientation. At the floor level, a monolithic solid volume dominates, which contrasts with the diversity of the ground floor, that seems to have slipped on the second, thus creating additional housing and shading in the gaps of the ground floor, which concern semi-outdoor spaces of daily use.

The two characteristic elements of the synthetic proposal are the concrete elements that concern a single concrete element which mutates into a canopy as it runs through the whole building and reinforces the housing to the southwest and southeast, as well as a wall on which this canopy rests. These elements unite the two volumes and compose together a complex of morphological and material diversity in space.