Gable House



170 m²

Under Construction

The Gable house is a private two floor building with a total area of 170 square meters, situated in Ayia, close to the northern city limits of Patras. The size of the plot’s area, (485 square meters) and its land characteristics due to the presence of a significant number of olive trees close to it, were thoroughly taken into consideration throughout the design process. Thus, the construction materials selected were reinforced concrete and wood, both being considered as “earth friendly”, while pertaining a natural balance between the house figure and its surroundings. The house openings are created in accordance to the lighting demands of the interior, while special care is driven to the utilization of day light. A vertical opening with a total height of 4.5 meters is created in the south-west view, while the main entrance area is designed having a small setback, when compared to the rest of the building’s volume. Those two details are parts of a predefined geometrical combination which allows two volumes, of different sizes, to fold with each other, from the very bottom to the very top of the house.