Frame House



200 m²


The synthetic proposal concerns the design of a two-level residence in the suburb of Agyia, northeast of Patras.

The central idea of ​​the proposal is based on the concept of “swing”. This is achieved through the intensity that is given to the upper level of the residence, through the “frame” that runs around the perimeter of the “closed” – upper volume in contrast to the “open”- transparent volume of the lowest level, which consists of a continuous glazing around the views. This visually creates the feeling that the upper level is floating in space.

The spaces are structured on two levels and in such a way as to allow natural light to enter through the interior spaces of the building , during daytime. Functionally, the spaces follow the morphology of the composition; the day spaces are placed on the lower level, where the glass creates a sense of extroversion and “communication” with the natural environment, and the overnight spaces are placed on the upper level, where the more closed volume creates the necessary introversion and privacy .

The enclosed courtyard

 Special emphasis was given on the creation of the enclosed courtyard on the first floor.

The desired introversion and privacy is enhanced, while the natural light is present during daytime in that space.The light enters this semi-outdoor area through the circular roof opening. Its circular orbit during the day creates an interesting “game” between light and shadow; a moving pattern. The enclosure of space, combined with the only visual escape upwards to the sky, creates a special experience and feeling to the residents..


The materials used are masonry with a gray thermal facade coating for the volume of the building, while the frame consists of masonry with a white thermal facade coating. Particular emphasis was given on the main entrance’s material. It consists of sheet metal, which has been specially treated in order to achieve the desirable level of rust.

Photographer: Mariana Bisti