Frame House



200 m²

Under Construction

The synthetic proposal concerns the design of a two-level house in the suburb of Exo Aguia, northeast of the city of Patras. A reference point for the synthesis was the conciliation of the house with its context and its intergration within it. The key element for the composition was the role of the natural light and the way it penetrates the house , as well as the importance of the view to the sea.

The central idea for the design proposal was the concept of “swing”. This is achieved through the intensity which is given to the upper level of the building through the “frame”-quadro that runs around the perimeter of the upper’s level facade , in contrast to the volume of the lower level which runs through a continuous glazing in the façade.  This visually creates the feeling that  the upper level is hovering in space

The spaces are structured in two levels and the volumes of the building are arranged in such way that they allow the presence of the physical light all over the house. Functionally the spaces follow the concept idea,  moreover the morphology of the volumes -the living rooms are placed on the lower level ,where the continuous glazing creates a sense of extroversion and conciliation with the physical environment , and the overnight spaces are placed on the upper level where the more closed volume creates the necessary introversion and privacy which is needed.

Finally,special emphasis was given in creating the patio in the upper level, as this intensifies  the introversion and at the same time gives the spaces that structure the volume the necessary brightness ,through the penetration of the natural light from the patio opening.