Delta House



180 m²


The object of this design proposal concerns a house in the suburb of Exo Agyia of Patras. A point of reference for the composition was the exploitation of the view offered opposite the plot, where greenery and natural planting dominate.

The synthetic idea was based on the conciliation of the volumes that structure the building with each other, and not on a simple arrangement of space. More specifically, the building consists of two volumes which are placed one on top of the other on a vertical axis and the volume from above seems to have slipped and penetrated into the volume of the lower level. As a result, this combination of the two volumes of the building seems to visually create a new condition for passers-by, in which a volume from above seems to move and crush the volume of the lower level.

The functionality of the spaces corresponds to the orientation of the plot, as the main areas of the building are located on its NE and SE side, while all the secondary-auxiliary spaces occupy mainly the north side. The functions are also divided by level (overnight rooms below-overnight spaces above). The element of integrating one volume into another is also felt in the places where the floor balconies are located, which seem to be the golden section of the two levels both functionally and morphologically.


Photographer: Μariana Bisti