Cube Residence



250 m²

Under Construction

The design proposal concerns a two-floors house in Kastelokampos, Achaia.

The point of reference was the management of the extroversion / introversion relationship in the concept of habitation and this was achieved through the synthesis of different cubic prisms in space. These volumes interact with each other in such a way as to provide the necessary privacy in the spaces that are necessary, as well as the necessary extroversion which concerns the openings and the orientation to the south view. The living spaces open completely to the southeast while the overnight spaces acquire the necessary introversion they need through their orientation and through the use of concrete walls.

Morphologically, the composition consists of a central-core-prism on which rest the individual volumes that structure the spaces of the house, as well as the characteristic concrete walls that play a leading role in the composition and were used to create the desired privacy. The arrangement of cubic prisms, as well as their proportions, seem to have come from an “explosion” in space that split the central core into individual prisms (the individual volumes that structure the living space) and levels (the walls that seem to “float” in space).

The different styles in the materiality of the volumes of the building, indicate their morphological and functional distinction.